I am pushing an update live today with a lot of bugfixes and improvements. One of which is spam protection on the forms for your published sites.


Once Kuchume is out of beta site breaking changes will not be published, but it is unavoidable for this change with the current state of everything. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

You can see a list of sites that need to be republished on your dashboard.

As always, thank you for your help in testing Kuchume! We are one step closer to a full release!

Site update! Big changes are here!

I know it has been a bit quiet here lately, but there has been a lot going on behind the scenes. A few updates have been pushed live in the past few weeks, and new features to note include:

  • New dashboard
  • Cleaned up settings pages
  • Lots of work flow improvements
  • New Site Creation Tool!

I was unhappy with how site creation worked (or often didn't work) so we did a full rewrite of the site creation tool. It's now much more intuitive, interactive, and stable. After a month of working on it this tool has been released and is currently available. Feel free to play try it out and report any bugs that you may encounter.

As always, thank you for your help beta testing KuchuMe. Your feedback is appreciated and helping to make this a better site.

Big Changes are Coming!

While there haven't been a lot of features added the past few weeks for users, there has been a lot of updates and changes on KuchuMe that will allow for some exciting new things. Changes that have been made the past few weeks include:

  • Tons of optimizations for both site creation and published sites
  • Support for creating multiple sites
  • Collaborator support for both image galleries and sites
    • This means you will be able to give other users access to editing and publishing sites
    • Other users will also have access to certain image galleries if you wish to provide access
    • Full permission control so you can decide exactly what other users are able to access.
  • A full theme engine rewrite

I am quite excited about the new theme engine as it streamlines creating new themes, gives users settings for each theme so you can change colors/images if you wish, and will pave the way for a directory full of user created themes.

Now that the engine is done, more themes are on the way! Stay tuned!

Site Creation Update!

The update is a little later this week, but this is one I'm very excited about and it's jam packed with features! This one mostly focuses on the site creation tool.

New Elements:

  • Panel: For simple images and/or text that optionally links somewhere. Think twitch panels
  • KuchuMe Profile: Incorporate your KuchuMe profile onto your site! Several variations of this element are available.
  • Feedback: Allow visitors to submit a rating and optional comments on your site.
  • Separator: A way to separate content on your site with optional text. It can also be invisible too if you just need a way to break content apart.

QOL changes for site creation

Elements can be named, menus are more intuitive, lots of bug fixes, and more relevant information is displayed.

Analytics page!

The analytics page is now available and can be accessed through the top right menu. This is where you can view your site feedback. It's pretty bare right now, but it won't be for long!

Thank you for helping test everything and thank you for all of the feedback! These new elements are all the result of the feedback I've been getting.

Until next time!

Inquiry Management Update!

Just pushed a big update live! This one is all about inquiry management. The interface has been updated and you can now tag and filter your inquiries.

The next big update will focus on more features for website building, so stay tuned!