What is KuchuMe?

As a freelancer, KuchuMe is a place where you can create a personalized website to show your true colors. Perhaps you want to promote your digital art, or create a professional home page for your YouTube or Twitch community. Maybe you want a website to display your portfolio of works, show headshots and a resume, or provide an avenue to be contacted for business inquiries. KuchuMe can do all of this while helping you get exposure throughout the process.

As a consumer KuchuMe is designed to help you find the perfect freelancer to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a digital artist, or in-person services the user directory is designed to help you find the perfect fit. With an extensive search engine that provides location searching when necessary, it will be easy to find someone who is fit for any job. And, of course, each freelancer will have a professional, unique home page linked to their account to display their portfolio so you'll know exactly what you're getting into!

What makes KuchuMe different?

Most websites allow you to create profiles with very little room for personalization. On top of that, the avenues to be discovered are typically very limited. KuchuMe strives to allow users to create personal websites that are not bound by these limitations. If that's not enough, we want to give users opportunites for exposure beyond the bounds of KuchuMe itself.

What does KuchuMe mean?

Kuchume means "prosper" in Zulu. We wish to give you all of the tools you need to do exactly that!

Why are some features missing?

As of right now, KuchuMe is in heavy development and is in beta. There is a lot on the roadmap and things are constantly changing and evolving. Stay tuned for more!

Who are we?

Founder and CEO
Design and Marketing
Safety and Wellness Lead