You deserve to be seen how you want to be seen

As a freelancer it's not easy to get seen. Once you are seen you deserve to make the best first impression possible. With most platforms you are confined by the limitations of the platform which can lead to a tainted first impression. KuchuMe strives to leave YOU in control of your first impessions. Put your best foot forward!

Screenshots are of a very early build of KuchuMe. Things are constantly changing and evolving.

Intuitive Design

A modern and intuitive design will allow you to create a unique and personalized page to display your work. Creating a website has never been so easy!

User Directory

Our searchable user directory will help you get discovered as well as allow you to find a free lancer to provide the exact service you need.


Create your own personal website that you can use to promote your product and showcase your personality! Plenty of themes, room for customization, and simple to use.

No Annoying Ads

KuchuMe is free of annoying ads that will disrupt you, or hinder your chances for exposure.

Free to Start!

While KuchuMe offers paid plans that offer a lot of exciting features we strive to make the free plan feature rich and very usable. You have nothing to lose!

Privacy Comes First

We take your privacy seriously and none of your information will be shared with anyone without your consent.